Grant Stanley Photography specializes in Capturing (Photos Video and Pro Audio) from Concerts, Events, Lifestyle, Seniors, Couples, Engagements, Weddings (limited as time will allow), Commercial projects, Modeling Sessions, Portfolio Building, Press Kit Design and just about anything you need captured. We also offer old, weathered, and worn Photo Restoration, Lost, Corrupt, and even damaged media recovery from Computer hard drives and also solid state devices like memory cards and usb drives. We have all the equipment to digitize and even color film negatives and glass slides, plus much more. I am a Father, a Small Business Owner, a Photographer, a Dreamer, a Creator, a Troubleshooot anything kind of nerd, and most times an all around problem solver. But when it comes to my work I take the most pride in the fact that I am an Artist. I love to capture history as it flies by while also always being sure to use my talents and creativity to shape everyone and everywhere I go into something a little better than it was before I found it. I love helping people with creative ideas, bring them to life and express their creativity in ways they never dreamed possible. My prices can range drastically depending on your needs but each shoot from start to finish is custom tailored to each individual client so you only pay for what you need and not bundles and packages of things you don't. If you are looking for the cheapest photographer in town, more than likely I am NOT going to be your guy. But if you are looking for the Best then Congratulations.... Your search ends here! Contact me today and let me show you what an Artist willing to always push the limits, Provide Unmatched Quality, and One of a Kind Style can do to bring your media ideas, dreams, and visions to life with a one of a kind passion that will see your project through to the end no matter how long it takes to get perfect.